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Window To The World


In January 2012, and again in January 2014, Michelle and myself were fortunate to be able to make trips to the country of Guyana in South America.  Guyana was formally a colony of England, and was then known as British Guyana.  Guyana is located on the northeast corner of South America. It borders Venezuela to the west, Brazil to the south, Suriname to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the north.  Guyana, a country a little larger than the state of Kansas, is 80% forested, only 2.5% cultivated, and around 8.5% of the country is water.  With a population of a little over 750,000 people, Guyana has a density of only 3.5 people per sq. Kilometer.  The climate is equatorial with two rainy seasons, extending roughly from May through July, and from December to the end of January.  On our trips to Guyana, we stayed in two locations, Ceiba, a research center located around 15 miles outside of Georgetown, and Karanambu Lodge Eco Center, located in southwest Guyana  along the Rupununi River.  Karanambu encompasses 125 square miles of savannah, marshy ponds, riparian forests, and a 40 mile stretch of the Rupununi river.

     Wildlife abounds in Guyana, and like all areas, the encroachment of man has had negative effects on the wildlife and the eco systems of Guyana.   Hopefully, before much damage is done, the Country of Guyana and conservation organizations worldwide will band together and arrive at an organized plan to control this development  so that both  wildlife and man can survive and live in harmony