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Window To The World


    In St. Louis, late April thru mid May is considered spring time, but in Yellowstone NP, it is still winter.  Be that as it may, I enjoy going to the Northern Rockies at that time of year.  I enjoy the large numbers of wildlife that abound in the valleys near the roads, the areas of snow and open ground, the cold mornings and comfortable afternoons, the off season prices, and the lack of tourists.  This past April, two friends from MoNEP ( Missouri Nature and Environmental Photographers - www.monep.org ) and myself went on a 3 week trip that took us through Kearney, Nebraska to see the thousands of migrating sandhill cranes; the area around Dubois, Wyoming; Grand Tetons NP; Yellowstone NP; and a brief stop at Badlands NP on our way home.  In the photo section of this category are some images taken on that trip. Hope you enjoy! -Don

Yellowstone NP and the Northern Rockies