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Window To The World



North of Kansas City, Missouri off interstate 29, is a small town named Mound City.  Mound City is home to a very special place for photographing wildlife and birds, and I mean lots of birds.  Around 3 miles away, in the Missouri River bottoms, is the 7,350 acre Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.  Squaw Creek is home to over 300 species of birds, 40 species of reptiles, and over 30 species of mammals.  What makes Squaw Creek attractive to me is the fall and spring migrations of snow  geese .  During these annual migrations several hundred thousand, and sometimes over 1 million snow geese stop here to rest before continuing their journeys.  During these migrations there are also up to 100,000 different ducks that use Squaw Creek as a resting area.  In the fall migrations, up to 300 bald eagles may be seen around the area.  There are excellent opportunities to see wildlife in natural settings on the refuge, and it’s also possible to photograph the geese in surrounding cornfields as they strengthen themselves for their travel.  Click the button below to see some photographs that were taken on various journeys to Squaw Creek. - Don