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Window To The World


Don Morice -

I have lived my whole life in St. Louis Missouri, and during this time I have always enjoyed photography.  As a young boy, I was entrusted by my parents to be the official photographer of family events.  At an early age (10 yrs.) , I became interested in photographing railroads, and in particular, the passing of the era of the steam locomotive. This facet of my photography covered the 50’s and 60’s, until married life and children took priority.  During this phase of my life, I continued my interest in photography as family and work allowed.

As retirement neared, I decided to follow my dream of photographing nature and the wildlife that is so entwined therein.  Since my retirement, I have been able to travel within the USA and the Caribbean, and photograph different local, state and national parks, and any other sites that I find interesting.  In 2012, I was able to make a special trip outside the country to Guyana, South America.  I have won several awards in shows, and have exhibited my work in several venues, including juried exhibits at Missouri Department of Conservation nature centers, Cahokia Mounds State Park, and Shaw Arboretum.

Michelle Jones -

The camera bug bit me early. My first camera was a 110 Vivitar, which I bashed around on family trips.  I became more serious about photography as a teenager when I was given my first SLR camera. Living overseas early in life, I had the opportunity to explore many countries and cultures.  My first camera lasted for over twenty years, and only recently did I upgrade to a digital SLR.  My fascination for colors, shapes and shadows hasn’t changed over all this time.  My favorite subjects include architecture, landscapes, coastal images and micro photography of the geometry in natural objects and plants.

Michelle Jones and Don Morice